We’ve all been thickheaded here and there, now and then. We all know what it is like being stuck with tiny matters, unable to find a way out. The young monk Xian’er, who’s an exemplary thickheaded person, has a very wise master who’s capable of solving all kinds of issues. Let’s see if we share Xian’er’s problems. Can his Shifu enlighten us too?

A Word of Chan

Death is not an eternal end. The Buddha tells us that death is just the end of one lifetime and the beginning of another lifetime. As long as we make great efforts, we definitely can help change our own fate and the fate of others. It will never be too late to do so.

  • Created by:Ven. Master Xuecheng
  •       Master Xianshu, Master Xianfan

  • Completed on:2016-09-30 19:27:59


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