Holland Longquan Great Compassion monastery is recruiting volunteers

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Treasures scattered in the world, talented men and women please look at here: 

Holland Longquan Great Compassion monastery is recruiting volunteers

My talented men and women who are the treasures scattered in the world, do you feel desolated and aimless because of having no chance for your talent? Do you feel empty and lonely because of wasting your time in vain? Do you feel solitary and depressed because of finding no one singing the same sang? Come here, join us! Longquan great compassion monastery in Holland is offering you an excellent opportunity and stage to give full play to your talents. You have a group of like-minded people here who share the same ideal and belief striving for their lofty ideal and working hard to enhance their life!

If you yearn for the spiritual enhancement rather than material desires, if you search for the truth of life and expect being perfect day by day, if you want to live a life with absolutely no regrets, please join us then!

Here are a thriving career, an unlimited creative space, compassionate Masters, a group of talented companions and more of your long-awaited answer of the truth of life ...

Longquan great compassion monastery in Holland is the first sub-temple of Beijing Longquan temple opened in Europe. Since its opening ceremony on December 9th 2015, the monastery has organized numerous activities and received lots of praises. After one year and a half’s rapid development, the monastery engages in spreading the Dharma and benefiting the sentient beings by conducting a broad range of activities. In order to attract and lead more people to embark on pursuit of an increasingly perfect and successful life, we need you! We need you to join us!

 Activity planning: to plan, to contact and to implement various activities.

 Design: to participate in the image and figure’s design of various activities in the propagation media.

 Publicity: to participate in the publicity before and after the activities including planning and making the images and figures, making photographs, onsite video recording and post pictures sorting.

 Audio production: to edit and produce the publicity video and to record the key moments during the activities.

 Social media interaction: to release activity reports, pictures and videos etc., to maintain operation of the monastery’s 

If you are enthusiastic in benefiting the others, being happy to devotion, working with chariness and responsibility, yearning for improvement, please join us! We here offer you a group of likeminded and brilliant friends, a platform with broad and unlimited merits and virtues, an opportunity to approach to the triple gems and to understand the truth of life, a bright way to access life transcend and suffering liberation and a harmonious and happy working environment. You will have chance to visit Beijing Longquan temple where the intelligent monk, Xian’er locates and have chance to get next to Master Van Xuecheng. Don’t miss such a good chance!

To apply for the position: please send an email titled ‘enroll for volunteers- volunteer position’ stating your region, work experience with an attachment of your CV tolongquannl@gmail.com

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