Visit to a public primary school of Obs Piet Mondriaan

On April 11th, we paid a return visit to a public primary school of Obs Piet Mondriaan. The school organized a Buddhist exhibition of artwork made by their students.



Two schoolboys, who had been to the Longquan Great Compassion Monastery, came to guide us to their school. When we arrived at the campus, we caught the eye of the students, teachers and parents who came to join the exhibition. To them, it was rare to encounter Buddhist monastics in a primary school; and to us, this was an opportunity to sow a seed of kindness in the heart of whoever saw us.

We were attracted to a piece of book-like artwork. A schoolboy told us that this book was made by a group of four students. The work was about the Five Precepts in Buddhism. When asked how many precepts he could observe, the boy honestly said that he could observe the first and the fifth precepts: refraining from killing and sexual misconduct. He also admitted that he had lied sometimes. We were deeply impressed by the boy's honesty and sincerety, which indicated the great positive impact on them from their school, parents, and even the society. 

What impressed us the most were those “prayer flags” by the students, where the prayers were their words of best wishes to others. Looking at those flags of loving-kindness, we felt love from this beautiful school.

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