Sweet words from primary school pupils who visit monastery

1.I didn’t know that Buddhists are vegetarian; I do know now that this is a religion without god.

2.I like the movies very much, and I learnt a lot form them. But it would be handier they are in Dutch or have Dutch subtitles. The rest was really nice.

3.It would be even nicer if people can ask more questions, and if they would talk a bit more about the history about the monastery. For the rest, it was really perfect!

4.I really liked it because I learnt a lot about the Buddha and the way they pray. I also like the food really much, however, to be honest, I really like to eat a lot of meat. And the surrounding in the temple was really beautiful, for example the statues of Buddha at the wall. 

5.When they talked about Buddhas, they should have asked Ellen to translate. But she is not always there. Maybe they should arrange something for this.

6.I liked the lights behind the Buddha statues, and I also like that they told a lot about everything. The food was really nice. Also the movies were nice, I learnt a lot from them.

7.Nice!!! I learnt a lot and ate a lot. I also like the presence of all the lights. After that, Buddhas are also nice. :D

8.- A lot of Buddha statues

- I want to learn how to draw lotus flowers

- Buddha has helpers

- Buddha has students

- Many things to learn

- Nice dessert

- I learnt from nice and funny movies

9.Impressive and also different from what we know

10.It was really interesting for me and I learnt a lot about Buddha and Buddhism. I also really like the food. I also liked making drawings.

11.I leant from it and it was nice to know what Buddhism is. I also like the decoration of the hall. The statues are nicely created. The food was also really nice and tasty.

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