Thoughts after the participation in a pleasant exchange activity at a Masjid on April 30th, 2016

Invited by a Masjid in the vicinity, masters and their followers in Longquan Great Compassion Monastery, in aggregation 13 persons, participated a friendly exchange activity at 13:30, April 30th, 2016. As Buddha taught,“All living creatures have the nature of Buddha, but veiled by delusion and obsession”. The genuine heart of great compassion won’t differentiate the Buddha-nature of all living beings. In a delighted mood and with fresh flowers as a symbol of friendship and respect, we were welcomed by a warm reception.“All goodness is the base of emancipation”. The Host’s hospitality could be felt no sooner than we entered the door, making us have the feeling that human society is like a warm big family. Despite the variety of nations and countries, we greeted each other with a sincere and friendly heart. After the mayor had come, we visited together the Masjid and knew the layout. Though we follow different doctrines, all of us could feel the warmth and kindness, which builds the bridge between different religions and paves the base stone of our friendship. When the mayor was making his address, though in an unfamiliar language, we could feel the parent-like deep concern. The king-like mind was as open and full of mercy as the earth, which bears all the creatures. I was so moved that also gave a short speech.“It is a pleasure to see you all, and hope that we can get along with each other, which is beneficial to both of us”. After the exchange activity, the host presented us also with fresh flowers. The sunflowers were red and beautiful, bringing us the warmth of spring.

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