Reflection on Buddhist Event in Maarssen Primary School

On March 23rd, the 15th day of the 2nd month on the Chinese lunar calendar, Shakyamuni Buddha entered Nirvana. On this very day in 2016, the Maarssen Wereldkidz Palet Primary School in the Netherlands organized a two-day-long event about Buddhism. Venerables of the Longquan Great Compassion Monastery were invited by the School to host a 15-minute activity to pray for blessings.

After an opening introduction by a hosting teacher with her beautiful voice, I (Xianfu) went up onto the platform and expressed our intention of the visit in my native language. Then, Ms. Liu Shasha interpreted for me with her touching voice and the audience was all smiling. Their facial expressions are very friendly and sincere. At the moment, I felt very regretful for the language barriers between us. However, what comforted me was that, as Ms. Shasha had said, language was not the main problem; the problem was that if we could get connected with each other. I did feel our common aspiration towards ancient culture and wisdom of our ancestors and sages. As a person who takes promoting Buddhism and benefiting sentient beings as my profession, I desperately hope that I can demonstrate the wonderful views I’ve appreciated to every believer who want the Dharma. I hope they can benefit from it, and in this way the orthodoxical Buddhism can also be strengthened.

A journey of one thousand miles begins with a single step. I will continue my fundamental mission, namely devotion to mastering Buddhist scriptures; otherwise, anything I do will be the pavilion in the air. I will take language learning as the priority so that I can express my inner state accurately. I will live as a person to practice loving kindness and unconditional compassion.

When we were lighting nine candles for offering with our ultimate sincerity, the sky was drizzling. Refreshing raindrops against warm flickers set off the beauty of each other. This might be the so-called providence: the sky was also crying for the Buddha, who entered Nirvana on the same day 2,500 years ago. However, the historical Buddha said in “Marhaparinirvana Sutra” that those who believed I was still alive after my Nirvana were my disciples. The Buddha mind won’t vanish; the light of the Buddha’s wisdom eternally lasts. These nine candles represented the wishes of Buddhist disciples: passing on the Dharma, the wisdom of the Buddha and benefiting all living creatures.

While we were chanting the name of the Buddha, I deeply felt the integration and connection between us need to be deepened, which requires our further efforts.

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